Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little man is growing up.

April 2009

March 2010

August 2010


Leah said...

LOVE these! Dex is so cute and these photos are awesome.

Nana said...

What a cute idea to show Dex over time in the same background. Really shows how much he has changed. Love it and him.

Olga said...

How cutee!!

A Daddy in Hawaii said...

Enjoy him! he will not stay little forever!
I remember my first son in diapers, now all of a sudden he is graduating from High School this year!
Oh yea, and he now has 2 younger brothers and a little sister, also!!!
I (my wife & I) love them all....
18, 15, 10, & 6 years old now!

Fowl Ideas said...

Top scientists agree.

It's a toddler.

I find it interesting that I arrived here on two separate occasions several months apart by hitting the "next blog" button.

All Hail the Chicken!!

Amelia Rice said...


Jim Wau Jim Wau said...

owh i love how u potrays ur kid's growth. nice one bro!