Friday, January 8, 2010

365 days of Dexter!

When I first made this blog, I set out to post a picture daily. I kept that up for all of a month. Tops. To be fair, I've moved twice since starting this blog. I've raised an infant (as lazily as some may have claimed I've done it, it still eats up a lot of your time)

This time, I've made more of an effort to take at least one picture of Dexter every day. I'm putting them in a photobucket account, located HERE. I also have an album on my facebook, but this allows people who don't use Facebook to see the pictures.

And now, what you all came here for, some pictures:

He crawled into that basket all on his own.
I'm beginning to sense a pattern here....


Betty BeadBug said...

Little boys love to make their own spaces...where ever and what ever they may be. Every time I see him I just love him more and more. xo

Junebug said...

What no laundry basket for him to sit in?
He reminds me of a cat sitting in tiny spaces.
He is going to be a lady killer in his teens.