Monday, September 28, 2009

Partying Hearty.

So, long story short, I felt all kinds of warm fuzzies at the turnout to Dex's first birthday party. Thank you all for coming by! Dexter appreciates it! (he shows his appreciation by chewing/drooling on presents) I made a ton of treat bags that I didn't get to give to half the kids because they left early (it was like a g-d Hobbit birthday party with how much stuff I put in those bags!) and Dex fell and got a huge, red, spotty bruise on his forehead. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE??? HE'S DONE WITH THE HELMET! :D

Now onto what you all came here for, the pictures:

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Nana & Gr-Gramps said...

We were so glad to be at your party and meet all your friends and family. You looked so handsome. We hope you liked our gifts to you. Glad to hear you will be free of your helmet.
Nana & Gr-Gramps