Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not crying. Roaring.

Thank you Grantie Julie and Gruncle Clay.


Clay Perry said...

gruncle... that creeps me out a little... he looks so cute

Jules said...

Oh you know he loves being called Gruncle, he just likes to give you a hard time!
I love how the costume has little paw prints on the bottom of the feetsies. When I called you I would have gotten any of them that were there had you said you wanted something different but I am so glad you picked this one because it was my favorite. I'm glad it looks as if it fits him pretty well too. I know all about the long leg thing and things not fitting right.
Next time you have it on him you whisper in his ear that his Grauntie loved that costume up before she had Gruncle put it in the mail to him so that way when he put it on it would be like she was holding him close and loving HIM up. Kiss that sweet little nose and tell him I love him, ok?
xo xo xo

Jules said...

Roar baby roar...otherwise people might not listen to you! :-)